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Produce Wholesale Packaging

Private Consultations

Initial (90 mins) & Follow ups (30 mins)

The aim of a consultation is to allow me to carefully evaluate your specific needs and formulate a personalised plan based on your goals, food preferences and budget. So whether you need advice on digestive issues, hormonal imbalances, weight loss, skin conditions, low energy or mood, get in touch to book a consultation today. A bespoke herbal medicine formula may also be recommended, this incurs an additional cost.

Bowl of Grains

Food Intolerance/Allergy Testing

Helping guide your food choices.

I use a comprehensive Food Intolerance/Allergy testing that checks for reactions against upto 250 foods as well as the most common food and environmental allergies. This can be useful to rule out what foods may be causing symptoms such as rashs, hives, digestive upset and congestion.

Blood Test

Functional Health Testing

Knowledge is power.

I am delighted to be able to offer clients access to a range of functional health tests from laboratories across UK, EU and USA. Price varies and can only be arranged as part of an initial consultation.

Meeting Room

Health Talks

Offering 90 minute sessions to groups of upto 20 people. 

Whether you are a school, charity, gym or corporate, I can offer you tailored and insightful talks on all aspects of Nutrition and/or Herbal Medicine. Popular topics include 'Fuelling better sports performance', 'Practical tools for tackling IBS' and 'Eating your way to better skin'. Get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Image by Jacqueline O'Gara

Herb Walks

Learn about what is growing all around!

Every few months I offer Herb Walks to members of the public. These walks are a great way to learn about the herbs that grow all around us in gardens, parks, woodlands and meadows. These talks cover the culinary, nutritive and medicinal application of these plants in light of the Celtic Herbal tradition in combination with the findings of modern science.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

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